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How It All Started

the good vibes podcast

The Good Vibes Podcast

The Tushaar show had started out as ‘The Good Vibes Podcast’, which was a result of me podcasting very passionately during my 12th grade, and it was meant to help out my own classmates. It ended up motivating me and helping me through the tough phase of my exams.

I used to cover topics related to positivity and well-being, mainly for students, but my father turned out to be my greatest fan, and supported me to carry on podcasting.

‘The Good Vibes Podcast’ has evolved into ‘The Tushaar Show’, in an attempt to be more contemporary to the youth of my generation.

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Started out in August 2017

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About The Tushaar Times

How The First Ever Instagram Newspaper Came to Be

‘The Tushaar Times’ originally started when I tried a different approach to writing letters to my pen pals. I tried to depict my daily life as a newspaper report, and send it to them. Although I didn’t actually send one of those letters, the newspaper materialized further into one of my college projects which I took ahead and sold. My final aim is to create a big full sized newspaper full of news as seen through my eyes. An Instagram account was created to promote this craft of mine.

Running a Successful Instagram Newspaper for over 5 months😎📰

here were some of the breaking news/ headlines covered
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