Episode #2. Month : January, Title : Life of a Celebrity

Episode #2. Month : January, Title : Life of a Celebrity

Life As A Celebrity.

T-Reports: Mr. Tushaar Anand Madhu, it is such a pleasure to spend time with you today. It is no secret that you are a celebrity now, and are getting  to talk and meet all the successful and famous people of this world. You are already living the dream at just 20 years of age. Today we will find out what it is like to live the dream.

Welcome Sir!, it is a pleasure to have you here!

Tushaar: Thank you, I am deeply honoured by your words.

T-Reports: What would you like to say about your journey, and your rise to fame?

Tushaar: So the journey obviously teaches you a lot, and you cannot anticipate what is at the other end for you. You have this idea of what it will be like, but there are so many more things that happen apart from what you visualize which makes the journey so much more amazing. As far as fame is concerned, you do not really know what it is, it suddenly happens. The world has glorified fame. I think of it as a very subtle perception of reality that people have of you. They know you are up to something, and whenever they remember you, they can associate you with something you do, and whenever they experience something you do, or see something you are involved in, they can associate that with you.

I have not experienced a raving ‘fan’ following as such, I am more focused on building a community. If I am able to connect to the person I intend to connect with at some level, I have fulfilled my duty.

T-Reports: Does life feel extra special as a celebrity?

Tushaar: Life feels as special as you make it. It feels specials because of the reasons you give as to why life is special. One of the reasons for me could be that I am a celebrity, but that cannot be my only reason, because it is not a solid reason. Feeling happy about your health could be a real reason. Long term happiness is based on solid reasons not superficial ones.

T-Reports: Do people treat you differently?

Tushaar: My theory on people treating me, is a bus-conductor theory. The bus conductor treats all the same. He treats all according to his temperament, his mood and his work. There is a dis-attachment with the way in which he sells his tickets to us. He doesn’t care who you are, where you come from, how rich you are, where you are going, how many girlfriends you have (because he will make the girls sit in the front of the bus and you behind). He is only bothered about the correct amount of change that you are giving him. In that small interaction, if you intentionally be grateful to him, sometimes they change their behavior and give you the ticket with a smile. For a second they cared, and needed to move on to the next passenger. I think that’s how life is. We are all bus conductors interacting with one another, exchanging the tickets of our moods, travelling for a finite duration with each other. How we enjoy the journey with the person is entirely up to us, and dependent on us, because the inevitable is that people will move on, however much you may be attached with them for the moment. Time will pass, people will move on. It is important to be kind to all those we meet.

T-Reports: Then why is being a celebrity so overrated?

Tushaar: That’s because people haven’t yet realized that the celebrities have become celebrities by being more of themselves, over and over again. It is only their virtues that have bought along the success. There are just two factors to becoming a celebrity, be true to your real self, and harness the ability to use your virtues to greater abilities. You make your life special, and in doing so, bring the opportunity to make others life special too. That’s what the role of a celebrity truly is, and I am very happy that I am abiding by this principle.

T-Reports: Thank you so much for you time, your words and presence was very valuable.

Tushaar: It’s my pleasure.

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  1. My compliments to your multiple talents, Tushaar!! I really enjoy my first podcast with you. The audience is replying day by day thanks to our commitments towards our goals. Keep up doing the good works.

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