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11th May 2019, Saturday

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Podcast Review: #1. a fresh start [The Tushaar Show]

#1. a fresh start - 10th May 2019
Notification 10th May 2019 - #1. a fresh start

It all started with the notification released by ‘The Tushaar Broadcasting Co.” on the 10th of May 2019, which was a Friday. 

The podcast which was recently acquired by this company for 8 Billion Dollars, has decided to begin with a fresh start.

The podcast show notes were written in all small letters, indicating a rebellion to the convention of doing things a certain way, and the team also was considering to skip the ID3 tagging even though it might mean less search results on the web.

While the exact thought process of the host and the team is not clear, we have understood the following after hearing the podcast.

The host Tushaar was not very happy with how he was running his podcasts earlier, he says and I quote: “For the last 3-4 months, I was working from a place of ego, and I am glad to share with you that I have been able to shed that ego, or at least observe it. Now I can speak with an open and vulnerable heart, and I can love more than ever.”

The podcast seemed to be an on-the-spot preparation, and it it was pretty obvious the host Tushaar was figuring his way around the words and what he was doing in the first half of the podcast.

There were some areas where you could totally lose him, and not understand what he is trying to say, because of zoning out in the middle of his sentences.

He still uses a lot of ‘and’s’ to mix and match his sentences; which I am guessing he needs to, because one cannot sound like an Enid Blyton story book with all the correct pauses and colons when one is speaking, thus, an ‘and’ seals the deal.

Overall you can make out that he is being true to his word, and is being as open and honest as he could be at that particular moment. The podcast felt genuine, and worthwhile, even though he might have not been able to explain his long journey of podcasting in the first half earlier. The second half of the podcast humanizes the whole experience. It is difficult to do anything but connect with the host’s experience, thoughts, feelings and emotions during process of listening to him vent about his insecurities, and find a new strength in doing so.

I do not like to rate podcasts, but if I had to, this would be a 3.5 out of 5, (because the story telling could have been a little crisper), but there were moments of real inspiration hidden in the content.

The Tushaar Broadcasting Company

The Tushaar Broadcasting Co. thanks you, we value your time and energy.

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