#41. A Wounded Episode ft. Tushaar and Inês Barros

#41. A Wounded Episode ft. Tushaar and Inês Barros

#41. A Wounded Episode ft. Tushaar and Inês Barros
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#41. A Wounded Episode ft. Tushaar and Inês Barros

Not every episode achieves it’s purpose. Some of them get wounded. Here is an example for you.

There was a time when I was in college, and was friends with a lot of people. I wasn’t very mature about a lot of things. Taking friendships lightly and undermining people’s true value are one of the traits I was innocently moving along with while bringing forth the idea of this podcast.

This podcast is captured with the wonderful Inês Barros, a dear friend, an outspoken and courageous (might I also add fascinatingly bold) woman, and an inspiring college senior. I would turn to her for advice, music, and general topics of discussion. I would primarily enjoy her company as she would very non nonchalantly be straight to the point, and avoid all sorts of strain or anxiety in conversations. She is a master at that.

Here we have Inês captured on the podcast at the thresh-hold of her carrier! Moving out of college!! Into a world where she is yet to figure out who she is and what she means.

She is very insightful with her words, and answered all my questions with striking honesty. The questions posed were very difficult, in my opinion, she taught me, via delivery, how such questioned are answered, without letting emotions sway you away in the foreground, or unprocessed thoughts holding precedence.

This is your podcast if you ever dream of being interviewed by cunning media. She answered it all head on, left the interviewer aware of his intentions, and inspired everyone in the same length of time. Inês is an inspiration.

This podcast is titled as the wounded episode for the primary reason that the intention to record was not to record. It was a conflict and mixture of a lot of things. The right sentence to explain it would be that it wasn’t recorded in the ideal mindspace, which was not planned for and created, as the purpose was not clear.

However it is now.

This long pending episode recorded in Jul-Aug of 2018, holds relevance for a lot of people.  It is being uploaded as a testimony to the journey of ‘The Good Vibes Podcast”, where one gets a glipse of a behind the scene tour.

For the creator of such a good initiative, it provides me no happiness to create content to gain popularity of work meant to serve. This podcast is being released as a tribute to the gratitude I hold for Inês who reminded me of my purpose. This is a tribute to our friendship.

If she is reading this, “May you be well Inês. You are a wonderful wonderful person. Thank you for everything. Keep praying, and believing in yourself”.

Love and regards,


~Love and regards


[The Jingle Used is the original Good Vibes Jingle Itself. Due to professional commitments Inês needed to politely refuse the offer of her music being used for this podcast episode. Further more, I got a chance to visit Inês at her home for Chistmas in Goa! However we could not record a podcast due to time constraints! We are waiting eagerly for the next time!! :D]

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Inês barros on SoundCloud – https://soundcloud.com/ines-barros-1

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