#2. Being the strong voice.

#2. Being the strong voice.
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#2. Being the strong voice.

There is a cacophony around us. The world is very distracting. And let alone the external world, even our internal world is fueled and spiked with so many dull and distracting voices, it is taking the toll on our soul.

We always have a strong voice. It is as powerful as that of a roar of a lion. It is so strong, that it is ever prevalent, and can always be found however much you try to hide from it. It will find a way to catch you again, and remind you who you are and what you are meant to be and do.

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Being the Strong Voice

Those who listen to it, struggle, and achieve something at the end. Those who don’t listen to it struggle, and feel dissapointed at the end.

It all comes down to this. Be the strong voice. Loud and clear, most powerful when silent, but always heard even when it isn’t speaking.

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