#4. I confessed to my crush
My first real crush

#4. I confessed to my crush

#4. I confessed to my crush
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#4. I confessed to my crush

Hey all!

Welcome to my brand new episode of ‘The Tushaar Show!’

In this episode I talk about a really special incident that took place with me. It involved me and my first real crush!

You know what I am talking about right, the one’s that make your heart race, the one’s that make you want to dig yourself a hole and hide in it when they are around, the ones that just make your heart flutter. Radhika* was that for me.

Being just 10 years old then, I was literally scared of talking to girls. I couldn’t comprehend what was happening, and why I felt like talking to this girl in particular. I was cursing god for my situation 😂😂😂,

but little did I know what would happen 7 years later.

I confessed to my crush
I confessed to my crush

This is what happened when I finally confessed to the girl of my childhood dreams 7 years later, after I grew up, and am nearly 20!

I share some important lessons I learnt in retrospect of all that happened with me since.

I hope you enjoy this podcast, and find value from it.

Valentines day is around the corner, thus I hope you have planned something special for your loved and special ones over the coming weekend! đŸ™‚

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