#35. Constrains w/ Madhulika Mohan
Madhulika's Painiting

#35. Constrains w/ Madhulika Mohan

#35. Constrains w/ Madhulika Mohan
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#35. Constrains w/ Madhulika Mohan

Madhulika Mohan is a contemporary artist, and a writer. She experiments with various mediums of expression, and today we are here to discuss her graduating project.

She happened to be my college senior, and after a friendly chat, I invited her to record a podcast with me. This happened way back in 2017.

Now both of us have grown up 2 years more, but the thoughts are still very distilled and fresh.

So let’s hear out Madhulika today, and her perspective of what a world of constraints is.

Can a constraint really free you up?

Should we be afraid about the darker side of ourselves?

This and a lot more on the podcast! Stay Tuned!

Getting in touch with Madhulika –

Instagram – @madhulikamohan

Behance – https://www.behance.net/MadhulikaMohan

Madhulika's Painiting

Madhulika’s Painiting

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