#6. Helen the Global Wanderluster [Part II]
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#6. Helen the Global Wanderluster [Part II]

#6. Helen the Global Wanderluster [Part II]
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#6. Helen the Global Wanderluster [Part II]

Welcome back to Part – II of this Podcast series with Helen Culqui the Global Wanderluster. In this podcast (Part II), we discuss about budget traveling, tips tricks and resources for planning your travels well in advance, and a lot more from Helen’s work experience as a Tour Guide Operator.

Thereafter, I also ask the all-important question – “What happens for those who want to see the world, and don’t have the budget to travel?”

Next, we discuss the biggest challenges she faced and the different ways she used to overcome those challenges.

Helen is a very courageous women; she fought past the traditional opinions of her family and went on to be a Global Wanderluster. It’s the same reason I called her here, and wanted all of you to listen to her, because not everyone can take such a step. It calls for a lot of courage, and most people don’t want to go into such a place of fear, from where everything seems uncertain. I am very proud of her, and grateful for her presence on my podcast.

I would request all of you to support her decision and help her with her quest, the least you can do is visit her new website and give it a read! 😀

Remember you can always use her help for planning your travels around the world (Europe Especially), and to know more and contact her further, use the resources page of her website (or click here).

The next part of this series is going to be a Patreon Exclusive, it is going to cover the various aspects about Peru and its culture, and you will also hear about the top places to visit in Peru! All you need to do is become a patron and enjoy the bonus content! (Click here)

That’s all for today, I hope you enjoy this podcast, and I will catch you again on the next podcast!

Additional Notes –

Pisco Sour - The National Cocktail of Peru
Pisco Sour – The National Cocktail of Peru



White Rum + Egg White + Lemon Juice + Sugar Syrup

If you are interested in knowing more about such people, and meeting and talking to them, I strongly recommend joining the Wired Creatives Community. It’s the same place I learnt about building a website, and building a community along with it. I met Helen on the Facebook group there! You can know more about their course and offers here.

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You can find Helen Culqui at globalwanderluster.com, her Instagram ID is @globalwanderluster

That’s all for this episode folks! I hope you enjoyed this, and you have a lovely day ahead!!

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