#7. Helen the Global Wanderluster [Part IV]
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#7. Helen the Global Wanderluster [Part IV]

#7. Helen the Global Wanderluster [Part IV]
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#7. Helen the Global Wanderluster [Part IV]

Hey all! So nice to have you back here on The Tushaar Show! This is Part IV of the Podcast Series with Helen Culqui, the Global Wanderluster.

In the last episode with Helen Culqui, we talked a lot about Peru, the history, the culture and the famous myths of the place. She also tells us the various places to visit and travel! And most importantly she talks about football, and how her nation reacted when their football team made it to the FIFA World Cup Finals after many years! If you want to hear that episode, you need to head over to Patreon.com/your_local_podcaster and catch it in the Patrons on special episode section!

It is really interesting and gripping podcast, especially since we are literally learning about another country with every word, and that too like India is one of the countries which have one of the “7 Wonders of the World”! (Machu Picchu in Peru, and the Taj Mahal in India)

Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu


In this podcast: 

I discuss about the Gastronomy of Peru, that means the food of Peru.

The two dishes she mentions are –

Ceviche – Raw fish marinated with lemon juice, served with onions, corn and sprinkled with salt and pepper

The man is a really funny chef! He teaches you a lot more than cooking a Ceviche. I love the sentence he uses, the simpler, the better.

Lomo Saltado –

Helen suggests her top 3 countries to Visit, for which I strongly recommend you hear the podcast, and later visit the blogs in which she has written about the places she has visited!

You can always ask her and know more about her by visiting her website GlobalWanderluster.com. Read her blogs, signup on her page for her updates, and ask her more questions!

Review of her Blog as Promised: Helen covers a diverse range of cities in her blog from Ho Chih Mihn to Cape Town to Merseille. These are places I have never been to, but just heard or read in books. She manages to give a better insight into all these cities, and you feel a little closer to them, and feel like visiting them too! One think I will definitely take away is that, I will include South African wine for my wedding ;)!

You can find her on Instagram @globalwanderluster

Support this brave and cheerful woman with all you have got, she is doing her best to make people’s lives better, make travelling a good experience, and make this world a better place.

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You can find Helen Culqui at globalwanderluster.com, her Instagram ID is @globalwanderluster

If you are interested in knowing more about such people, and meeting and talking to them, I strongly recommend joining the Wired Creatives Community. It’s the same place I learnt about building a website, and building a community along with it. I met Helen on the Facebook group there! You can know more about their course and offers here.

By the way, I have another podcast with a Wired Creatives Member who’s name is Johan! He is a Drone Adventurer. You can also find his podcast is also on the website. It is a really really exciting one! You can access it here.

I hope you enjoyed this Podcast Series with Helen, the Global Wanderluster, and felt inspired to globe trot around the world. I hope to do many such series in which I get the opportunity to share with you the message of such inspiring and passionate people! Hopefully we’ll also get to hear from Helen again on this show!

That’s all for now, my dear folks!

I hope you enjoyed this and found it valuable! I will meet you again next time! 😀


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