#5. Helen the Global Wanderluster [Part – I]
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#5. Helen the Global Wanderluster [Part – I]

#5. Helen the Global Wanderluster [Part – I]
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#5. Helen the Global Wanderluster [Part – I]

Hey all and welcome to Part 1 on this 4 series podcast with Helen Culqui who calls herself a Global Wanderluster. Helen is from Lima, Peru, and she has travelled to more than 80 countries (including India).

How many of us wish to travel the world and experience new things. It is a very special feeling to be talking to someone who has ‘been there, and done that’. I too hope to travel the world as extensively and experience all it has to offer.

She wished to spread her message that one should travel to explore the world and expand the mind. She shares her story of how people booked tours and travels through her and felt it made an impact in their lives. Helen is a very generous person and she shares her story with the audience very very patiently.

I carry on the conversation in Part-II of this series.

Till then keep spreading the Good Vibes!

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