#40. When you feel irritated…

#40. When you feel irritated…

#40. When you feel irritated…
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#40. When you feel irritated…

He-llo! GoodVibers! I hope everyone is doing well and feeling warm and nice!

This is a very special episode for me because it is very intimate and personal, and it warms my heart too!

Don’t judge the podcast by it’s title, because a lot of other things are also uncovered in the podcast!

So dive in!

I talk about a few things I do when and if I get irritated and how I manage my mood.

One other thing you will notice is that there is no rule for what irritates you or anyone for that fact, it could be something small, or it could be something big. What is important is that you move towards a calmer state of mind.

Another something you might notice is that I have spoken about my sexuality on this podcast; all comments made on such subjects are based on the current frame of mind, and such vulnerability is displayed with humbleness keeping in mind the safe space we wish to create around such discussions.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and share it with your friends and family,

With lots and lots of love,


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