#4. shuchita
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#4. shuchita

#4. shuchita
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#4. shuchita

what do i tell you about my sister shuchita

just 15 minutes ago, she came and spoke with me, gave me a high – five and left the room [this is being written on the 12th of may 2019, 12:11pm]. her hands were wet, and now my laptop mouse pad is spoilt. just not working.

i am not complaining, she is, after-all my lovely little sister, and this is a summary (an unfair summary) of our relationship for the last 16 years and 8 months together; besides my laptop can be repaired, and i am thinking there should be a standard of resistance called shuchita proof, because she can really test the integrity of a device to the max!

i’m going to tell my father about this, let’s see what he says

oh! i completely forgot, i am writing the show notes for my podcast right now. i just took a break and played the guitar a little,

but this podcast will talk about how lovely my little sister (grown up now) is, and how she put me on this path of self acceptance and finding self love

with love


p.s support me on patreon if you can – most of the stuff is free out there!

i have also recorded a podcast episode with shuchita on ‘the good vibes podcast’, titled “shedding negativity w/ shuchita“, you may like to hear that podcast too đŸ˜€


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