#3. Talking adventures with Johan the Drone Adventurer
Johan Painting

#3. Talking adventures with Johan the Drone Adventurer

#3. Talking adventures with Johan the Drone Adventurer
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#3. Talking adventures with Johan the Drone Adventurer

This is my first international podcast. And I was very very happy with how it turned out.

I met Johan on a site called Wired Community, which is a place for travel enthusiasts or any other passion enthusiasts to meet up, chat, discuss and grow together. Johan is a drone pilot, and loves to travel. He is currently on a one year world tour and is clicking drone pictures from all the scenic corners of the world.

I ask him a lot of interesting questions including, ” Why do we find ourselves, when we lose ourselves?”, “What’s it about travelling that makes it so addicting?”, and “How do you do it? How does drone photography work?”

Johan has already handed out his resignation papers, sold his car, his house, and is set out to conquer the world, one photo at a time.


Johan maneuvering his drone
Johan maneuvering his drone.

You can see Johan’s amazing pictures on his website – http://www.johandroneadventures.com

One of the images clicked by Johan.
One of the images clicked by Johan. Izola – Slovenia.

His Instagram ID is – https://www.instagram.com/johan_drone_adventures/

Do support him by visiting his website, and review his work. You can also buy prints from his website, or buy him coffee for his wonderful work 😉 Keep up with him on Instagram, for the latest updates on his work and tour travels!

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And if you are interested in starting and interacting with a similar fun and passionate community, I highly recommend checking out the course co-created by Nathan and Hannah called Wired Creatives. Me and Johan are a part of it, and I can say one thing for sure, it makes feel freer, and like a more liberated person after you have done all they say, and are in charge of your passion and your life.

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That’s all folks!


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