#8. Rocky Mountain High w/ Andrea McHenry
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#8. Rocky Mountain High w/ Andrea McHenry

#8. Rocky Mountain High w/ Andrea McHenry
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#8. Rocky Mountain High w/ Andrea McHenry

The featured guest for this episode is Andrea McHenry!


Andrea is a Hiking Enthusiast, and a trail discoverer*, residing in Atlanta, Georgia.

In this interesting podcast, Tushaar and Andrea talk about Andrea’s perspective on various things,  and how a lot of these perspectives have been attributed to trailing and hiking.

Andrea’s Blog

Andrea has a blog called Farawayhorizons (Which recently got nominated for the Leibster Award and the Sunshine Blogger Award in 2018!). She writes about the various trails that she covers, and her thoughts along her trails, in her blogs.

One of her blogs recommended by Tushaar is titled ‘Restless‘ in which Andrea writes about something called ‘Post trail depression’, which is also discussed in the podcast with her.

The Appalachian Trail

She is heading out to trail the Appalachian trail right now, one of the longest trails in America, which will be a 5 month long journey, because it is 3,300 kms long! She will be documenting her journey via her blogs and she is thrilled about that. [You can also stay updated about her trail progress with the progress page for this trail on her website.]

There is a lot to learn from Andrea’s perspectives, and stories, and we do hope you find value in our words in this podcast.

Connecting with Andrea

You can connect with Andrea via her email – connect@farawayhorizons.com, her Instagram Account or Facebook Page for more questions and queries.

We, from “The Tushaar Broadcasting Company” wish you a very pleasant listen, and hope to meet you again in the next podcast.


Wired Creatives

Andrea and Tushaar met on a Global Community called Wired Creatives. In this community people come in to collaborate, share and support each other to live their dreams. You too can be a part of this community. Learn more about what Wired Creatives is, and how it is helping independent creators like them here.


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*Word created for convenience purposes by Tushaar.

Intro and Outro Music played by Anand Shankar Kannapur.

Thank You 🙂

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