#23. Ryan, the U.S Army War Veteran  –  Part 2
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#23. Ryan, the U.S Army War Veteran – Part 2

#23. Ryan, the U.S Army War Veteran – Part 2
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#23. Ryan, the U.S Army War Veteran  –  Part 2

What’s happened till now:-

So things have kicked off with a fascinating start. Ryan is willing to go deep into his experiences and share his thoughts, incidents and feelings about the war.

In this podcast:-

He starts out by explaining what he does at work – essentially an anonymous helper for the U.S Army Veterans {He works for the Government and helps connect Veterans with other departments of the Government to help them avail the services they are seeking for}. Ryan talks about how he deploys empathy towards them, when they are in the most hopeless of situations.

Later we talk about what it was like for him when he was heading for war. He tells us what it really was like. From the start.

Our ideas of what war feels like is often limited to what we have seen in movies, but what is it like to get really hit by a bomb?

Watch out – this is the world’s best content!

Watch out for the next podcasts in the series, and share the podcast with your friends if you found this interesting.

The podcast has crossed 7,000 listens as we speak today, I am grateful to all those who spent their time listening and raising valuable discussions about my work.

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Ryan is one hell of a person,

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