#40. When you feel irritated…

In this episode the host takes you through his vulnerabilities and situation and speaks about how he handles the times when he feels irritated or frustrated. He also suggests some small things which one can in-corporate in their life and deal with stress or irritation.

#39. Acceptance of your situation or circumstance

In this episode we discuss the acceptance of a situation. Hear the host take you through his mindset and thought process of creating a space where he is able to allow for a little more acceptance that what he feels at the moment.

#37. Seeking Forgiveness
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#37. Seeking Forgiveness

Seeking Forgiveness is an essential part of finding clarity and feeling peaceful. Start the first day of the last decade by seeking forgiveness for mistakes, big or small, for it shall help in maintaining the resolutions you wish to keep for the coming decade :)

#5. sandy and prem
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#5. sandy and prem

sandy and prem are two very loving people who had started a mindfulness camp for teenagers. the camp happened to be a very important aspect of tushaar's spiritual journey ahead. he narrates his experiences in the podcast

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