The Good Vibe Editorial – 3rd December 2019 -The Struggle is Real

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The Struggle is Real - The Good Vibes Blog - 3rd December, 2019

The Struggle is real.

As the year comes to an end, many of us may be reflecting about the year or the decade in general. Some of us might have new plans in mind to better ourselves, and some of us may be pondering about the fact that they were not too happy with how the year went by. Too both such people I wish to remind a phrase –

‘The Struggle is real’.

There is no running away from the fact that we are the way we are, and our circumstance is a result of our very own actions. This is actually a positive if we recognize it for what it is and take action accordingly.

The path to improvement is bitter and slow. Painfully slow. But there are small surprises to look out for along the way, the best of them are waiting within our path! When we accept and honor the struggle, bow down to it and stop resisting it, we find a way to move ahead despite the discomfort of the situation.

The discomfort is always temporary. The leanings are real, and life long!

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